Dominican Cultural Items & Musical Instruments

Dominican Art and Crafts
Hand Made
Tambora, Carnival Masks,
Pilon, and Dolls

Pilons (made of wood called “Guayacan”) are used in Caribbean kitchens to mash spices and foods. These are African Cultural Traditions

Dominican Tambora (drum) and Bongos are used in Traditional Dominican Music

Music Instruments -are unique musical instruments that represent the Caribbean rhythm, soul. and the Caribbean mix culture of the people (Tainos, Europeans and Africans) They are the key sound of our Merengue, Bachata, Salsa, Son and many other dances and rhythms.

Wooden Carvings * Mininas” - are hand carved art pieces made of Mahagony and painted with bright colors representing the cultural diversity of the Dominican people (Indigenous, African, & European). It is said that the word “Mininas” refers to the term used by Spaniards during the colonialization period for the “small people” who took care of their children or their “Nanies”. These pieces are made by local craftsmen and their families.

Wooden Masks are Afro-Haitian in origins are hand carved and displayed in many homes. It represent their cultural roots and traditions.

Dominican “Diablos Cojuelos” Carnival Masks are handmade of paper-mache, they are coloful, and are use for carnivals throughout the country, representing traditional characters of the Dominican folklore. The “uglier” they are, the more “beautiful” they are. The artists take in pride in their creations

Ceramic Dolls – Hand made and painted “faceless dolls” famous in the Dominican Republic

Haitian Folk Art Paintings - Handpainted oil and acrilic painted by local artists representing the culture and traditions of the Haitian culture

# 0048 Mahagony Sculpture
Hand Carved – Approximately 29.5” tall

Sold Large Mahagony Sculpture

Hand Carved & Handpainted
Mahagony – “Mininas”
Approximately 22” Tall

Dominican Tambora (drum) & Bongo

"Jututo" a Bamboo wind instrument played for Gaga Festivals

Las Palomas

The Güira is a key instrument in the Dominican music

Small Dominican Drums – Great for Children or display/decoration Sold

Handpainted & Hand Carved Maracas

Taino Art Wood Carvings (Guayacan)
and Book

Poetry Books by Professor Blas Jiménez
Highlighting the African Caribbean Culture

Sold Medium Pilons #10

Sold Large Pilon # 14

One Left Medium Pilones # 10

Dominican Cultural Wall Displays
with Small Bottle of Mamajuana

Dominican Carnival Masks

Dominican Carnival Masks

Sold Haitian Wall Display Masks

Hand Made Ceramic Dominican
“Faceless” Dolls



# 6035 Oil Haitian Painting (Large)

# 6038 Oil Haitian Painting (Small)

# 6051 Oil Haitian Painting (Medium)

Sold #6041 Oil Dominican Country Side

Dominican Ball Caps - (One Left) # 8251
and Dominican Flags

Dominican T-Shirts # 8255

Dominican “Muñecas de trapos”
- Hand Made Dolls

Original Print – West Africa (Senegal)
16” w x 19.5” h

2 small Original Prints – West Africa
­(Senegal)) by Dr. Giraud Polite
7” w x 5”h