Handcrafted Necklaces
One of-a-kind” Handbeaded and polished

Large collection of Dominican Larimar & Amber Semiprecious Stones, Lapiz Azulie, Black, Red & Pink Coral, Fresh Water Pearl, Green Jade, Natural Shells, Swarovski Crystals, & Natural Gemstones

Amber & Larimar Close up

2 separate large Amber stone Necklaces
$300 & $450

# 228 – Rum color & Light Amber Long Necklace with 2 Large Larimar Pendants

2- Separate Necklaces
Inside: Larimar Chips & Medium Size Honey Amber, Cristals and Fresh Water Pearls Beads -

# 9684 - Amber & Larimar beads with two large teardrop pendants

Medium Size Rum Color Amber Necklace with a Large Amber Piece in the Center

# 931- Large Amber Stone

Dark Brown and Honey color Amber
with a silver chain

Long Larimar Chips Necklace with Lapiz Lazulie Stones -# 966

# 2985 Larimar on Silver Chain

# 2900 Black Coral with a 2 sided Larimar Pendant

Large Larimar with a small square Amber piece

Red Amber Stone Silver Necklace
with Large Larimar Pendant

Multistone - Green Jade, Lapiz Lazuli & Blue Swarovski Beads & Amber

Long Red Coral Chips Necklace with Large Round Beads & Small Amber Beads

4-Red Amber Color Stones set in Silver Chain with a Larimar Blue Pendant

#3019 Black Coral

#3109 Natural Cow Horn

# 71C1 – Multistone Necklace with Amber, Red Coral, Lapis Lazuli

Amber 2 singe strans

Sold 2 – Separate Necklaces
Black Coral Square Beads & Larimar Pendant
Outside: Larimar & Black Coral Beads

Sold Hand Cut Larimar Leaf Pendant
with Silver Border

Himalayan-Tibetan beads necklace with Larimar beads

# 2461 - Crystal Green and-Brown beads with 3-Larimar round beads

Red Coral Beads, SmallAmber stone & Small Green Jade with a Large Oval Peruvian Green Turquoise Center Stone

9705 - Large Oval Peruvian Green Turquoise Center Stone

Hand Beaded Multicolor Fresh Water Pearls, Amber Stones with a large Center Amber Square

# 5754

# 2273-Long Multicolor Beads Necklace with Red Coral Beads

# 2447 – Long Shell Necklace with a
Pewter Flower Pendant

Fresh Water Grey Pearls with Small Pink Round Beads and a Natural Shell Pendant in the Center

Blue Crystal Oval with Green Jade Beads