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Dominican Semiprecious Stones, Amber, Larimar, Black Coral, Natural Shells

Lapiz Lazuli, Fresh Water Pearls, Agates, Red Corals, Gems, Swarovski Crystal & Silver Jewelry

Dulce Isalguez Parker
Owner & Designer
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Amber & Larimar

Larimar & Black Coral

Amber & Larimar

Red Coral, Lapiz & Amber

Bracelets – Larimar Mix Stone

Larimar Rings

Larimar Earrings

Portugal – Blue Porcelain

D'Caribbean Gifts
We specialize in creating unique Jewelry with rare Dominican Larimar, Amber and Black Coral semi-precious stones only found in the Dominican Republic. We combine Fresh Water Pearls, Lapiz Lazuli, Jade, Natural Shells, Crystals, from around the world. Each jewelry piece is created with natural stones, hand-beaded, hand cut, and set in sterling silver. A “limited number” are created.

All of our jewelry are handcrafted, authentic stones, and “one of the kind”. We have a great selection of Necklaces, Pendants/Cabochon Necklaces, Bracelets, Rings, and Earrings.
We take pride in creating beautiful jewelry of natural semiprecious stones from my native country (“Larimar”, “Amber”, & Black Coral).

My jewelry is part of a cultural education collection program highlighting the Dominican Republic culture.

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